Install Imagick for php on Windows

Requirements: PHP is installed and the install location was added to the system PATH environment variable.

This Guide will show as simple as possible how to install imagik 3.4.3 for PHP 7.1 (Thread Safe, x86).

  1. Download imagick for your PHP version from (you can get a nice overview with xdebug under
    I downloaded
    All versions:
  2. Unzip  and copy the files as follows:
    php_imagick.dll to your ext  dir (I copied to C:\php\ext )
    All files starting with CORE_ to any desired directory (I used C:\imagick)
  3. Add path to your system PATH variable after path to PHP directory:

  4. Add extension=php_imagick.dll  to php.ini
  5. Check installation by running php -i  in cmd to find the following section:
    imagick module => enabled
  6. If necessary, restart php fpm processes.

Sources: and

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